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Sheke and Connie Chow thought they were done with the restaurant industry after 40 years as the owners of Peking Boy (Pleasant Hill), Golden Anchor (Foster City), and Golden Wok (San Mateo). But frustrated by a lack of excellent dim sum options close to home, Sheke and Connie came out of retirement at age 70 and embarked on a quest to bring the beloved flavors of their Cantonese upbringing to Walnut Creek. 

Touching the


Sheke and Connie grew up in Hong Kong in the 1950s and moved to San Francisco Chinatown in the 1970s. Despite their many travels around the world and to each province of China, Cantonese cuisine has remained their favorite - especially dim sum, which means "touching the heart" in Chinese. With the best ingredients and chefs in the East Bay, they hope to touch the hearts of their guests with authentic recipes and authentic love, from dim sum to banquets and beyond.

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